May 16-17 2015

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Farm and Dairy

DGJ certificate

$250 certificate toward $1000 purchase
Freight not included ~~ Expires May 31, 2015


12 cans Fight Bac

by Deep Valley Farms  


New England Cheesemaking Supply Company

Fresh Goat Cheese Kit


Goat Coats 

by Christine Schiemann

Geneva, Ohio


Six Bottles Goat Nutri Drench

from BoviDr Labs

6 Gallons Calcium Drench

12 -  8 oz. Keto-Nia Drench

Vets Plus, Inc.
Goats Prefer Products

Save A Kid Products

Two $15.00 Gift Certificates for Caprine Supply

2 Bags 16% Goat Feed

Donated by
Meadow-Shene Feeds, LLC
Middlefield, OH


Valley Feed Mill
Orwell, Ohio


50 lb. Bags Goat Feed

Jeffers Livestock

$10.00 Gift Certificates