May 22nd and 23rd 2021

Donations to our Raffle Table

Economy Web Site ~~Value $175

1-3 pages*
1-2 photos per page (includes cropping and resizing)
Simple “Generic” Graphics
Your logo (Client provided) and header
Unlimited text
First year of maintenance and hosting included in construction fees

Donated by Capriella



Vets Plus

Farm and Dairy

Bovidr Laboratories- Nutri -Drench 

Deep Valley Farm
12 Cans Fight Bac 

New England Cheese Making Supply Co.

 2 Goat Cheese Kits & 2 Home Cheese Making Books

Countryside Publications
6 issues of Country Magazine

Two goat (buck) mugs
originally sold by BADGA
Donated by Glenny

Two Canvas WRDGA bags
Donated by Glenny

Shirt donated by Christne Malnar

Shirt donated by Christne Malnar